The Truth About Direct Sales

Direct sales within the Direct Selling Association member companies is currently in excess of US$100 billion, with more than 55 million independent Distributors enjoying this success worldwide. Direct Sales is very different from traditional retail sales because you benefit financially by accessing products direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. You can then use the products yourself and share them with others for a direct profit. As more and more people share the products you are continually rewarded with a share of the profits generating a residual income.

Traditional Retail Sales

Traditional retail contains many links in the supply chain, each adding it’s own cost to the retail price that the consumer actually pays in the stores.

traditional retail sales

Direct Sales

By utilising Direct Sales and Network Marketing, the profit goes in your pocket, not someone else's, as a large percentage of the total price of the end product is paid to the Independent Distributor. Pro-Ma Systems method of distribution improves the efficiency of conventional retail product distribution, eliminating the middlemen and creating an exciting business opportunity.

Direct Sales

Something For Everyone

It is important to note that within direct sales, not all business opportunities are the same. Here at Pro-Ma Systems, our focus is on offering a genuine business opportunity to people from all walks of life which rewards their hard work. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing continued support and training, making us the perfect choice for those who don't have any experience in business ownership.

How Rewarding!

The Pro-Ma Systems Marketing & Profit Plan is second to none and at the centre of our business opportunity. It rewards your effort by paying a series of bonuses (profit), based on both your own efforts and the efforts of those Pro-Ma Systems Distributors you have introduced into your organisation. This creates a dynamic income, providing an ongoing residual income.

Australian Owned And Family Run Since 1983

As one of the largest privately owned, family operated companies within the Direct Selling Association of Australia, Pro-Ma Systems has firmly established itself as a dynamic and secure opportunity, enabling you to create your own financial freedom.

What To Look For In A Direct Sales Company

  • Consumable Products : Product ranges that are highly consumable with high market demand.
  • Product Guarantee : High quality products that will ensure trust between yourself, your customers and the company.
  • Company Stability : Founded in 1983, Pro-Ma Systems has a wealth of experience in helping Australians discover their own financial freedom.
  • Member of Direct Selling Australia (DSA) : A commitment to ethical values and quality standards is paramount. Founder and CEO of Pro-Ma Systems, Val Fittler, has served twice as Chairman of the DSAA and is also a member of the exclusive Direct Selling Association of Australia's Hall of Fame.
  • No Fixed Geographical Areas : If your lifestyle requires you to move, your business can move with you. You have no geographical boundaries that would limit building a successful business.
  • Affordable Start-up Costs : Become a Pro-Ma Distributor for a small start-up cost and great value start-up kits.
  • Willable : Your Pro-Ma business is transferable by will.
Pro-Ma Systems ticks all the boxes

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Proudly family owned and operated since 1983

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